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Harmonica Talk Blues And Country Harmonica Fundamentals

Harmonica Talk From Captain Bluetongue of The Blues Preachers & The Bluetongue Harmonica School
The Bluetongue Harmonica Talk Instructiuonal Method has helped many people all over the world to get started. The Harmonica Talk Instructional Method is now available as a digital download its contains conversational style audio tracks that will get you well on the way to Blowin The Blues. Its just like having a private lesson with Captain Bluetongue & The Bluetongue Harmonica School. Tracks include Hand techniques, Rhythm Patterns, Blues Trains, Bending Notes, Country stle riffs, Blues Riffs, Basic Theory, 1st position , 2nd position, Blues Harp Effects, Improvisation backing tracks
Testimonial from one of our buyers. cdcover1flat
“Hi BT
I am working through your Harmonica Talk CD, it’s very good; a fresh approach to ab-initio learning.
In the early CD lessons, your strong staccato notes are to be envied. I am using a Hohner MS Blues but still cannot achieve the note strength you do. Is the cd recording realistic or heavily amplified?
I noticed your 6-8 harmonicas in the litlle Bunnings screw box all had plastic combs. Any thoughts on plastic, versus wood, versus metal?
Track 18 on Harmonica Talk, Sunset Serenade; what a ripper to practice on! Whether trying to harmonise with chords or add a melody, ’tis a fantastic example. Would like more of this…
Harping in a good way,” Noel Dowling
Warning: This Product should be used strictly as advised. Prolonged use will transform the musically challenged. Mixes well with your beverage of choice. Fast & effective relief of boredom & stress. Side effects include blowin some mean Blues Harp Grooves. This should be taken into account for those on a strict pop diet.