Available at The Bluetongue Harmonica Studio in Sydney 

 To get started simply  email Bluetongue  about your needs  & what you would like to achieve . We will be in touch to organise your first lesson. Your tutor will be Captain Bluetongue (The Blues Preachers ).

The Bluetongue Harmonica Studio Sydney Australia

The Bluetongue Harmonica Studio, Sydney Australia

Your private lesson will be fun and customised to meet your needs. You will leave learning  something new or being able to do something you couldn’t before you arrived. We balance learning techniques with learning your favourite songs.

Your first lession will involve a few minutes of working out where you are at. We then look at what you would like to achieve and pick tunes and exercises to get you there. This will include some fun songs to help you on your way.

How far you want to travel on the road to learning the harmonica is up to you. Most people just want to learn the basic techniques, how to bend notes & do Blues Trains.This ticks learning an instrument off their bucket list & gets them to be the life of the party.

Getting to this level can be achieved in most cases with our (5+1) 6 lesson course. Others wish to take the harmonica more seriously. Whatever your goals are  we are here to help you reach them.

We teach harmonica in many styles & for all levels of playing. Including various types of Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock & Chromatic Harmonica Playing.

 Get 1 lesson free with our 6 lesson Course & a complimentary copy of The Harmonica Talk Gift Pack

Commit to five sessions in advance, and you will be eligible for the discounted rate –  pay for 5 lessons and we throw in one for free. You will also receive a free copy of Harmonica Talk which includes an instructional CD & Hohner

Box and open CD Harp