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 Only Sixty Dollars Includes A Free Hohner Harmonica!


Do you love the sound of blues harp harmonica music but don’t know were to start, these harmonica lesson workshops are for you. Blues harp music is fun, portable and easy to play.
If you always loved the sound of wailing blues harp music or maybe you have a couple of harmonicas & have been trying to play and are still trying to get that blues harmonica sound.

A Blue Tongue Harmonica School Lesson / Workshop will get you well on the way to Blowin the Blues.

If you do not see a workshop listed in your area we travel anywhere provided there is enough of you to hold a workshop & have some fun. We Love what we do & we are sure you will too.

This Workshop Covers all The Basic Blues Harmonica Techniques, Bending Notes , Rhythm Patterns & Blues Trains, Trills, Tongue Blocking & Improvisation methods using Blues Backing Tracks.