Harmonica For Healthadmin
Doing a creative hobby is a wonderful way to feel happier, fulfilled and alive! Creative pursuits energise you and feed your wellbeing.
Research shows that life without an activity or hobby (all work and no play) is not just dreary but weakens your ability to cope with stress and fight disease.
In fact creative stimulation helps grow new brain connection, strengthens existing ones, boosts memory and improves your ability to cope with stress.

Bringing more fun and creative activities into your day keeps you away from energy draining habits that take a toll on your happiness and wellbeing.

Your creative hobby should not make you feel overwhelmed and that is where the harmonica is the key! (excuse my pun)
Harmonica is fun, portable easy to play most importantly it will bring joy into your day! Along with enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Music is an universal language. Research shows that music can positively affect our health and wellbeing. The harmonica is unique among the wind instruments as it requires both inhaling and exhaling. By practicing simple therapeutic breathing exercises every day, you will experience health gains while having fun making music.
Bluetongue Harmonica brings the joyful sound of harmonica to various hospitals and health care facilities.
Benefits of playing the harmonica includes but are not limited to:
  • Learning correct breathing.
  • Increase Lung  power and capacity.
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improve communication skills
  • Regulate heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improve your concentration level