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Welcome To The Blue Tongue Harmonica School Australian Website. If you love the sound of a wailing blues harp you are in the right place. A web site dedicated to all harmonica and blues harp needs including harmonica lessons,music,tablature and instruction manuals. Blue Tongue is running beginner harmonica workshops all over Australia join our mail list to be updated for workshops scheduled for Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.We specialise in corporate team building, product launches & workplace wellbeing see some of our happy clients by clicking here 

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Check our Lessons page for availability but for intermediate players Don’t Miss This Below

For harmonica students that have learnt the basics techniques & are looking for more development & harmonica playing tricks. The Bluetongue Harmonica Intermediate Sessions are a great way to learn more & meet other harmonica players. These workshops cover a variety of topics & are conducted by Bluetongue’s Harmonica Educators who are all world renowned & Australian harp players.

Awesome World  renowned harmonica master Joe Filisko is Teaching a workshop to us from Chicago Via Zoom !

11am September 19th AEST , 8PM September 18th Chicago Time Don’t miss your Spot Register Here !

Joe Filisko – Chicago Box Shuffle
This is a study of the riff often called the “Box Shuffle” by guitar and bass players. It can be played decending or like this version, ascending.The advantage of this is that it is highly recognizable to anyband that is familiar with blues.This allows you to start the song off and signal the band in at the IVchord if your rhythm and playing are strong. Since this riff avoids using the “3rd” of the chord ittends to work perfectly with the blues scale.This song also does not have a turnaround on bar 12,which tends to be common with this type of riff.This will be a great intensive workshop which will be recorded for later viewing and hand outs available with a Q&A to finish
Only $50 AUSD includes Workshop video replay Audio Recording & Hand Outs